Travel documents
Visa valid for 3 months are available at the airport upon arrival and are free of charge. For Dutch visitors it is required that passports are valid for at least one months after returning to The Netherlands. Check for other requirements your local government.


  • The international access code is 27. International access code from South Africa is 09.
  • A cellphone network covers most of South Africa. Check with your provider for details about network coverage and charges.
  • Internet is available all over South Africa. In larger cities you can filnd many internet cafes and in smaller communities many hotels have an internet connection.

Voltage is 220/230 volt all over the country. You will need a 3-polar plug adapter for your electric aplliances. These can be bought at the airports and in all supermarkets.


  • The national currency is the South African Rand (ZAR). 1 ZAR is about 10 eurocents. Foreigh currencies can be imported without restrictions.
  • Most creditcards such as Diners, Visa, American Express and Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted everywhere.
  • ATMs: There are many ATMs in the cities. You can also use your debetcards at many petrol stations. Just as at home, use your bankcard and pincode with caution.
  • Changing money: There are money changing offices in many tourist areas.

Health and safety

    • Vaccinations are not required  for South Africa. Check for further information your local clinic. For Dutch travellers:  Landelijk Coördinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering (LCR).
    • The West cape and Addo Nationaal Park are free of malaria.
    • South African doctors and private hospitals are highly qualified.
    • It is safe to drink tapwater all over the Westcape.

Wildernis has a  pleasant climate. The summers are moderately warm. The winter nights are cool, but during the day the sun makes temperatures rise to 15-20 degrees centigrade.



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